Henrik Braun

German-born Henrik Braun, who has practised his craft from Germany to China, is now the head brewmaster at PWB. Brewery owner Kazuko Komatsu announced the appointment of Braun saying:

For the past 20 years Henrik has distinguished himself across the globe and we are pleased to welcome him to our dedicated brewing family in Prince George. Henrik shares our commitment to excellence and we are assured that his experience in Europe and Asia will help us to continue to offer new leading edge products.

Braun says:

I am very happy to have this opportunity to work with Pacific Western Brewery here in Prince George, and I would like to thank Ms. Komatsu for bringing me on board! We have a very experienced team here and a fine brewery to operate. I am sure we will have a great future making excellent beers together.

Braun is a fifth generation brewmaster and received his Master’s Degree as an Engineer for Beer Brewing Technology at TU Berlin (Berlin’s Technical University) in 1996. Since that he has worked as a commissioning brewmaster and project engineer in Khon Kaen in Thailand, Shanghai and Jiangyin in China, Munich in Germany and Bludenz in Austria. He is married with an 11-year-old daughter.


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