Pour Your Hefeweizen Like A Pro

The Science & Romance Behind Pouring NatureLand Organic Hefeweizen

Since the beginning of our recorded history , man has crafted beer and have shared it in cups , mugs and glasses. The art of pouring a beer shares this same legacy.

Sooner or later you might come across the oldest trick in the book about a good beer pour — the good old tilt the glass whilst you pour slowly. Well that is still valid, but we are going to dig a bit deeper into the technique – especially in respect to our authentic crafted Hefeweizen ( Wheat Beer ) which is known for its cappuccino-like characteristic crown.

How To Pour Your Hef - Step 1

Step 1

Take a moment to admire the sweet malt juice at the bottom of the bottle.
The easiest way to get the best pour off on a bottle fermented beer is to start with an ice cold glass — have it ready because like an expensive bottle of champagne it may already be in the party mood.

How To Pour Your Hef - Step 2

Step 2

While in your Hefeweizen Catcher stance let the pour hit the side of the glass gently and as horizontal as possible. This will maximize the surface of bubbles so they can escape with minimal alcohol abuse (read: spillage).

How To Pour Your Hef - Step 2

How To Pour Your Hef - Step 3

Step 3

While still holding your glass as horizontal as possible, slowly pour the NatureLand Organic Hefeweizen until there is about a half an inch of room left at the top of your glass. Ensure you have at least a quarter inch of liquid in the bottle and delicately swirl the remaining contents.

How To Pour Your Hef - Step 4

Step 4

The two key ingredients are the Heffe (Yeast) and the Weizen (Wheat), while the big difference in many is filtered and unfiltered. Ours is unfiltered and this beautiful head is the trademark. To really impress your sweetie, make sure she comes close to witness the creamy finish as you pour.

How To Pour Your Hef - Step 5

Step 5

This particular Wheat beer is hand crafted by Pacific Western Brewing Brew Master, Peter Boettcher. He personally advises against any fruit as it will interfere with the natural flavors of the beer. In many parts of Germany the bananaweizen is very popular and you should taste hints of banana in this indulging beer naturally.

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