PWB Salmon Enhancement Fund Application

The Pacific Western Brewing (PWB) Community Foundation has established a $20,000 fund to support grassroots salmon enhancement initiatives in British Columbia. Applications should support the protection, conservation, enhancement or rehabilitation of Pacific salmon and their habitat. Projects can range from community-based habitat rehabilitations to the enhancement of salmon stocks and applicants should represent volunteer based organizations.

Applications should include information that assures PWB that your organization is qualified to undertake a project. Describe the project in detail (2-300 words) to tell us how the project will improve salmon stocks and how success will be measured. Please include relevant permits or letters of support from the appropriate government agencies. Confirm that the Fisheries and Oceans Canada Community Advisor in your area is supportive of your project and if this is an ongoing or larger project that PWB may support a portion of please detail how PWB funding will be allocated.

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